Serendipity Ribbons has been a long term customer of mine. Jan’s original site was coded using static html so if Jan ever wanted to have to update products on her site she had to open a html editor and insert her information and then update her files via ftp. After quite a few years managing her site this way she made the decision to upgrade her site to a cm site with integrated shop. The new site allows Jan to login into a content managed system and add new products, create new pages etc and in one click update her website. WooCommerce has been used to create an online shop but with an enquiry only option.

Serendipity Ribbons can now manage all their products and content in a simple and manageable way and as Jan’s business grows so can her website.  If your website is out of date and you want a website you manage and expand as your business grows then please get in touch. Art by Design offers website design, they also do cheap website development and creation to companies in South Wales.

serendipity ribbons